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We strive to make collecting gold coins as easy as possible. Whether you are collecting for the first time or a seasoned coin collector, we have a variety of high quality gold coins to diversify your portfolio.

Our wide selection of classic gold coins ranges from weight, rarity, age, condition and the year it was minted. In addition, most of all our coins are newly minted and straight from sealed mint boxes.

$20 Liberty Gold Coin

The $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle was the first coin of its particular denomination ever minted in the United States. This coin meets the minimum criteria to be a collectable without paying the collectable price. Artist James B. Longacre provided the art work for this double eagle coin. The profile of Lady Liberty with an inscribed crown circled with thirteen stars was designed as a tribute to the original thirteen colonies.

The reverse side features the seal of the United States with a bald eagle holding a shield and an olive branch with a set of arrows. Also this side features the motto "In God We Trust" and the $20 face value stamped on the coin.

Minted between 1866-1907

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$20 Gold Saint Gaudens Gold Coin

The $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Gold Coin is considered the most beautiful coin ever minted. Designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this elegant coin has become the standard for future US minted coins. President Theodore Roosevelt believed that America needed a more celebrated design to symbolize our country's greatness. The coin features the full body Lady Liberty holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. To this day the $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Gold Coin is one of the most collected coins ever minted.

Minted 1907-1933

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1 ounce American Gold Eagle

The 1 ounce American gold eagle is one of the most famous coin series and was minted in the United States. This gold coin is a near replica of the $20 gold piece and it too was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The coin features Lady Liberty in a goin holding a torch that is known to convey lighting a path to freedom and liberty. The reverse side has imprinted “Unites States of America” with a pair of bald eagles landing onto a nest.

The 1 ounce America Gold Eagle to this day remains one of the most popular, desirable and trusted coins in the world due to the trust people place on the United States Mint. Nonetheless, this gold coin is great to enhance your portfolio.

Minted 1986 - 1991

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$10 Liberty Gold Coin

The $10 liberty gold coin was produced continuously throughout their circulation starting in 1870. Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the gold coin features Lady Liberty with a coronet on her head inscribed with the word “Liberty” and 13 stars surrounding her. The reverse side features a bald eagle with wings spread out wide standing among olive branches. The eagle clinches onto 3 arrows with a shield on his chest featuring stars and stripes. The denomination, mint mark and the words “United States of America” surround the eagle.

Minted 1879 - 1883

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$5 Indian Gold Coin

The $5 Indian gold coin is popular among collectors even though production was limited and the condition of the coins are questionable due to the coins being over 100 years old. Designed by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, the coin features a Native American man facing left with a unique hallmark of the Indian Head looking sunken rather than raised. The reverse features a bald eagle standing on arrows and clinching an olive branch in his left talon. The design includes the mint mark, the coins face value and the words “In God We Trust.”


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$50 American Gold Eagle 1 Ounce

The $50 American Gold Eagle 1 ounce is one of the most popular coins to ever exist and favorite among bullion investors. The gold american eagle was authorized by the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 and was first released in 1986. These coins are guaranteed by the United States government to contain the stated amount of actual gold weight in troy ounces.

Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the coin features lady liberty holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left hand with the Capital building in the left background. The design is actually a replica of the $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin which is described above. However, the reserve side is designed by sculptor Miley Busiek featuring a family of eagles in which the male is above the rest holding an olive branch.

Minted 1986 - 1991

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Almost Uncirculated (AU) Gold Coins

We provide a variety of Almost Uncirculated gold coins on our online shopping store. If you’re unfamiliar with Almost Uncirculated (AU) coins they refer to coins that have a small amount of wear on its highest points that is usually seen on coins that have had minimal circulation. In most cases, it won’t be apparent that a coin is Almost Uncirculated. In addition, the value of the coin doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lower compared to circulated coins.


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All gold coins for sale can be purchased online or over the phone. We require a follow up from our Patriot staff for all online orders to verify credit card payment, address and purchaser information. Patriot always has new gold coins for sale so make sure to check out our full portfolio online.

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