About Patriot Trading Group - Selling Gold and Silver

Patriot Trading Group was founded in 1996 and serves as a leader in selling gold and silver. We’ve had a physical location in Phoenix, AZ since 1996, but as of January 2019, we recently opened another location in Johnstown, CO. Patriot Trading Group first started off as All American Gold, but then rebranded to Patriot Trading Group when the current CEO, Joe Jaquint, bought out his long-time friend and business partner Eric Cedarstrom in 2009.

Why People Buy Gold From Us

Patriot Trading Group is no ordinary gold dealer and customers trust us when buying gold. We’ve been doing business the right way for a long time and the majority of our sales are from repeat customers. Unlike most of the other gold and silver companies in the market, Patriot does NOT have any commission sales staff and Patriot does NOT make outbound calls. That’s right a sales company that respects your privacy and never cold calls. We don’t sell our customer information and your privacy always comes first when buying gold.

As we mentioned before, most of our sales comes from referrals and repeat customers which speaks volumes of our small team. We provide hard assets directly in the hands of our customers. As a customer, you can buy gold and silver over the phone or through our shopping cart. Since we trust you and in order to trust us, we lock in a spot price on the day of purchase and then ship your items when payment is received.

Patriot Radio News Hour

Patriot believes in educating everyone when it comes to protecting your wealth. The radio show “Patriot Radio News Hours” is one of the longest running programs on the radio today. We like to call it “economics with attitude” and the show provides an entertaining spin on a world gone mad. If it’s through our radio show or our website, we’re always providing news that “comforts the disturbed” and “disturbs the comfortable.” No matter which one you are, we definitely give you something to think about. So make sure to tune in and gain valuable insight on current events and gold related topics.

Metals Program

Patriot Trading Group has one of the best metal programs to buy gold and silver. The metals program is a great way to start saving for retirement by constructing a hard asset portfolio. We have hundreds of customers over the past 10+ years that have been committed to this program and they couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s easy, affordable and you know where your money is going. Find out more information on our metals program here.

Free Consultation When Buying Gold and Silver

Joe Jaquint, CEO of Patriot Trading Group, offers free consultations when buying gold and silver. The best part is he always tells you the truth. Joe understands this is your savings and it’s a long-term investment. He has a reputation to uphold and wants to do right by you. If you’re looking for a free consultation from a respected gold dealer in Phoenix, AZ or Johnstown, CO, call us today at 1-800-951-0592 and email us at doublej@allamericangold.com.

We Buy, Sell and Trade Metals

We do buy, sell and trade gold and silver at both of our locations in Phoenix, AZ and Johnstown, CO. We do all sorts of trade such as gold for silver and palladium for gold. You can either call us to discuss the hard assets you are trying to sell or book an appointment to come in and sit down with Joe. We guarantee you the best experience possible and always to provide valuable and honest insight.