Gold FAQ

Is gold a good investment?

Gold is a respected commodity worldwide. It has a history of holding its value. It’s even a greater investment when the dollar is decreasing in value as well as a spike in inflation. When there’s concerns in the financial market investors typically invest in gold for safe haven. With several emerging markets, gold is a secure and reliable investment moving forward.

How to buy gold?

We recommend buying gold from a local gold dealer. Most gold dealers allow for walk ins and also the option to buy online. Make sure to check reviews and credible sources on who you’re buying gold from. Majority of Phoenix gold dealers over great pricing and insight on what to buy.

How to invest in gold?

There are several ways to invest in gold: physical gold, mining stocks, and gold exchange-traded funds. However, we believe investing in tangible items are best. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from economic uncertainty.

Where to buy gold bars locally?

You can buy gold bars from coin dealers. Make sure to buy from a trusted certified gold dealer with a strong reputation. Smaller coin dealers will sometimes have better pricing than bigger coin dealers. So do your research before buying gold bars locally.

How to buy gold bars?

You can buy gold bars in person or online. You can buy gold bars from patriot trading group online. You can buy gold bars in person at our physical location in Phoenix, AZ.

Where to buy gold bars in Phoenix?

You can buy gold bars in Phoenix, Arizona from local gold dealers.

Where to buy gold coins in Phoenix?

You can buy gold coins from a coin dealer in Phoenix. There are over 50+ gold coin dealers in the valley. However, do your research before buying gold coins.

Where to buy gold bullion online?

You can buy gold bullion online with Patriot Trading Group. Once you submit your request to buy gold bullion, we will contact you to verify payment and delivery.

Where to buy precious metals online?

You can buy precious metals from a trusted gold dealer. Patriot Trading Group is an expert in selling precious metals locally in Phoenix. We have an online precious metals website to purchase precious metals online.

What is bullion gold?

Bullion is a form of gold, silver and precious metals. People often refer to it as bullion gold because it is a form of trade in the market.

How to sell gold bullion?

If you’re looking to sell your bullion gold, you can trust Patriot Trading Group. We buy gold bullion at a fair price.

How to buy gold bullion?

You can buy gold bullion from a gold dealer. Buying gold bullion as investment is important decision. Patriot Trading Group offers free consultations on buying gold bullion for beginners to experts.

Best place to buy gold and silver online?

Patriot Trading Group has a one stop shop to buy gold and silver online. It’s easy and convenient. You can expect a member of Patriot to contact you after your purchase to verify all information. We do this in order to confirm the transaction because these are physical items.

Best place to buy precious metals?

The best place to buy precious metals would be from a precious metals dealer. Patriot Trading Group has been selling precious metals for 15+ years and can help with any questions. We also offer free consultations on what metals are worth buying in the market.

How much is gold an ounce?

It depends on the current spot price. This can be found online. You can also schedule a meeting with Patriot Trading Group to determine precious metals worth.

How much is gold?

It depends on the type of gold you buy. Gold can be very expensive, but also fairly cheap depending on the type of coin and how much quantity you buy. You should consider how much of an investment you want to take rather than knowing how much gold cost.

What is the value of gold?

The value of gold depends on the current spot price, but also how you value gold. We understand a lot of people like having gold because it’s a tangible asset. Patriot believes the value is endless because it’s tangible and is seen as a long-term investment.