Silver FAQ

What’s the process of buying silver?

First you need to determine what type of silver you want to buy. Then you’ll need to find a credible silver dealer. We recommend doing your research during this stage because you want to get the best pricing when buying silver, but also from a trustworthy dealer. After you purchase the silver online or over the phone, you’ll be able to pick it up or get it delivered. It’s that simple.

How to buy silver?

You can buy silver through a gold dealer. Most of all gold dealers sell silver. The process of buying silver is easy if you find the right company to buy from locally.

How to tell if silver is real?

You can tell if silver is real by a multitude of ways:

  • 1) check if there’s a .925 stamped on it. Reputable jewelers typically have a stamp on their precious metals.
  • 2) You want your silver to tarnish. If it does then it’s most likely real.
  • 3) Focus on the look, smell and feel.
  • 4) the magnet test. If silver sticks to a magnet then it’s not real.

Where to buy silver in Phoenix, Arizona?

You can buy silver in Phoenix, AZ through a gold dealer or jeweler. All businesses are different, but make sure to find a reliable dealer.

Where to buy silver coins online?

You can buy silver coins online from a variety of Arizona companies. Patriot Trading Group has an online shop that you can browse. Any purchases will be followed up with a phone call for security reasons.

Where to buy silver coins locally?

You can buy silver coins locally from a gold dealer.

What is a silver bullion?

A silver bullion is a form of silver in bars, coins, rounds or ingots. Each form of silver is priced differently so buyers must be aware and knowledgeable before making a purchase.

Where to buy silver bars in Phoenix?

You can buy silver bars from Patriot Trading Group. Patriot Trading has a variety of silver coins and bars for purchase. We also have a unique metals program that our customers love.

Can I buy silver with a credit card?

Yes, you can buy silver with a credit card. However, you may need to wait a certain period of time before receiving your physical silver.